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Dear Feelings, Come in: A Poem to Welcome & Accept Our Feelings

Poem by Emily Brewster February 12, 2024

a man walking in a grassy field with lantern at night

A poem to welcome and accept feelings as they come.

Dear Feelings, Come In

I sensed your presence

Heavy footsteps across the floor

Come in, come in

Take a seat, lay down

There is space for your being & essence

Was your travel long, burdened, slow burning

-abrupt or unwelcomed

What brought you to life

What commenced your call to journey

Dear Feelings,

I see the grooves from our traveled, well-worn path

Deep inside my knowing churns

This quest is for good reason

 Rushing through rivers of blood to our heart

Traversing the stormy waters of our gut

Through the tight, tense caverns of our chest

And lost in a dense jungle of thoughts

All to deliver a signal, a message

A yearning to keep us alive through one more season

Dear Feelings, come sit

No need to pace or reach for the door

Rest, take solace, unwind

I welcome all of you and your being here 

For I am you and you are I

Dear Feelings, 

Take space, catch your breath

Just as suddenly as you arrived

I hold the knowing that soon you will leave me behind

Lost into the ether

Your memory but a ghost in my mind’s eye

Until then-

May I hold our heart with tenderness

May I meet our needs

For when you are loved, I am loved

You have refuge here, dear sweet friend

In your own time

Your journey will come to an end

-no need for me to push or hasten

Goodbye will come when it comes

Until the next quest calls upon you and I again.

May this poem gift you the words and courage to open your whole heart to your

feelings & experience.

May you welcome and accept your feelings in all their rich, raw realness.

May you find peace and compassion in the midst of the labor of your humanness.

a single white house lit up at night by the mountain side

-Inspired by the Poem "The Guest House" by Jalaluddin Rumi

emily brewster

Emily Brewster, MSW, LICSW, MHP

Emily Brewster is the founder, owner, & therapist at Light of the Moon Counseling, PLLC. Emily offers individual mental health therapy services via telehealth to adults dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. She is a US Army Veteran and is passionate about educating others about mental health and effective strategies to find relief.

light of the moon counseling

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