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Light of the Moon Counseling, PLLC offers

individual therapy for adults (18+) 

We are in-network with the following commercial plans:

Aetna, Cigna, & Optum/UnitedHealthcare

We also offer private pay services and can 

 provide superbills upon request. 

All services are currently delivered via telehealth

are only available to clients located in

Washington or Oregon State. 

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Evidence Based Practice

These approaches have shown real impact in supporting people and their mental health. 

Combining these effective strategies with a caring and compassionate connection can help you find relief and reach your goals.

Read below to learn more about our offerings

 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): an approach that focuses on accepting uncomfortable thoughts and feelings rather than avoiding or controlling them. It encourages individuals to commit to values-based actions, fostering psychological flexibility and well-being.  ACT helps people develop a healthier relationship with their inner experiences while working towards meaningful life goals.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT):  an approach that incorporates both acceptance and change skills to cope more effectively with the waves of life. Areas of focus include mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. It is useful for those struggling with emotion dysregulation and beyond.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): is a widely used therapeutic approach that helps individuals by addressing the connection between their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. We will work to identify and change unhelpful thought patterns, fostering healthier coping strategies and improved mental well-being. It's a structured and evidenced-based method for treating various mental health conditions. 

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR):  is a research-backed therapy that helps individuals process traumatic memories and distressing experiences. By utilizing bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements or taps, it facilitates the brain's natural healing processes, leading to symptom reduction and emotional resolution.

Mindfulness-Based Therapies:  support to cultivate present-moment awareness, acceptance, and self compassion to manage stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and so much more. 

Exposure Based Therapies: an approach frequently used to treat anxiety disorders, such as  generalized anxiety, OCD, and phobias, as well as trauma related stressor disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It involves gradual exposure to feared situations or stimuli to reduce anxiety overtime and helps individuals move away from avoidance and towards more values-driven activity. 

Somatic Focused Therapies:  integrate the mind-body connection to address emotional and psychological issues. These approaches use bodily sensations, movement, breathwork, and awareness to release tension, process emotions, and enhance well-being. By tapping into the body's wisdom, individuals often find relief from stress and trauma, fostering a more balanced sense of self.

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